What Is Cloud Telephony???


Hearing this word for the first time, you must be thinking what is there inside this telephony and what does the word cloud refers to???

Cloud Telephony is a service that provides automatic telephone applications without the limitations of time and space. It helps a person or a company to manage the Incoming and Outgoing calls according to particular need. If you take Cloud Telephony service, you are free from handling your personal calls or business calls time to time. Suppose you are busy in somewhere and don’t want to pick your call, suppose you want to track any call on your number, suppose you want to share a welcome message to someone who dial your number, suppose you want your callers to listen an automatic reply, suppose you want to greet your loved ones on desired dates, suppose you want to block or forward the calls easily, suppose you want to have a conference call option, suppose you want an automatic voice call number to advertise your products ,your business, your skills ,suppose you want a detailed data of your telephonic services, suppose you want a call back option-these all desires have one solution-CLOUD TELEPHONY. Here, we enable you to use a TOLL FREE Number 1800 (24 hours service) for your business, work, job and personal needs. This one pack of service will reduce your more than half tensions of calling and communication. It will increase your Customer satisfaction value and attract more customers. It will help you to expand your work area across the nation.

You must be thinking that these all services will cost you something beyond your capacity. The answer to this question is NO. Cloud Telephony is available at reasonable rates across the nation.

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